100ft Tower Hoist with 12 HP Diesel Engine (Track Made out of Angle) 100ft 1000Kg Cap

t hoist
Capacity 1000kgs including Carriage & skip unit.
Power 12Hp air cooled diesel engine or 10 hp electric motor
Drive Frication type winch assembly with frication roller
Brakes Mechanical operated Frication lining brakes to stop the bucket any Position
Wire Rope Heavy duty 12MM ISI Marked wire rope.
Speed 30M/min.
Skip unit Skipping Bucket 0.3CUM or 7cft.
Access height 100 ft (30Mtrs)
Rollers 6 accurately machined roller with bearings.
MAST Made out 50MM OD 4 pole Heavy class pipe with welded horizontal members & lacing diagonal members. With spigot connection. Size 500X500X1500MM
Anchoring Anchoring system with special designed anchoring frame ,couplers & fasteners
Optional Loading Bucket for carrying Bricks sand hardware items etc./steel bar carrying attachment.
Wheels Pneumatic wheels