Compression testing Machine Compression testing Machine 100 Ton Cap.
100 / 150 / 200 Tons Hand and Electrical Operated
Cube Moulds 150 X 150 MM


Concrete Cutter ( Electric operated )
Concrete Cutter ( Engine operated )
Earth compactors Earth Compactors
Needle vibrator
Needle with 6M flexible shaft 25MM
Needle with 6M flexible shaft 40MM
Needle with 6M flexible shaft 60MM
Power Trowel / Floater Power Trowel / Floater

These are surface finishing equipment, powered by a standard 3.0 H.P electric motor. The equipment is fitted with blades & is used for perfect finishing of surface after compacting. Floater is fitted with a circular disc & use to remove the undulations prior to finishing the surface.

Grass cutting Machine with motor For Garden work